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expo 2020
street food

Bespoke street food parks were conceptualized and designed to fit with the existing EXPO 2020 look & feel. The parks were designed to host a various number of F&B operators as well as seating areas where guests can enjoy their meals and rest. Expo Street Food Parks designed, executed and operated by Orora have proved to be one of the most successful F&B concept and offerings at Expo2020 and has generated a revenue of over AED 50M+ and counting with over AED 7M in royalties to Expo 2020.


EXPO 2020



Expo 2020 had empty lots in each of the districts which they wanted to activate in some way to engage visitors and fill the empty space. 

Orora acted as a master operator handling all the parks and F&B operators needs such as HSE audits, Dubai Municipality compliance, permits, storage, electric loads, transport of supplies, cleanliness of parks, enforcement of covid-19 safety measures, maintenance of equipment, etc.

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