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sobha waves installation

Coffee shop store fronts served as meeting areas for real estate agents, while a large projection screen recreated the look & feel of the actual promenade overlooking the waterfront of the canal. The layout of the installation assisted brokers in selling the residential units by taking the buyers to the promenade of Sobha Waves.





Sobha Realty was launching a brand-new grand project in Dubai Waves – Waterfront District and contracted Orora to conceptualize a creative solution to showcase the project in the best way possible to their brokers and customers. To fully immerse the visitors in what it’s like to be at the new trendiest Sobha development, we suggested a complete transformation of our client’s ballroom to become a space which fully replicates their waterfront promenade. The idea was simple, we create a relaxing space facing the water where people can be served a variety of foods and drinks – and use this space instead of the sales center so brokers and salespeople can leverage on the space to sell properties and storefronts at the Waves – Waterfront District.

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